Any sulfate-free poos that will make my hair curly?

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Hi, I'm looking for a sls free poo that will make my hair curly, as well as add moisture. Any recommendations?

Also, is CurlFriends [buylink=]replenish leave-in conditioner[/buylink] effective on 2C hair? My hair is thick, dry, and frizzy, and I would like to make it moist and curly, and perhaps weigh it down a little.


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    Don't rely on shampoo for your style, you'll go nowhere fast. Shampooing is more about giving hair a fresh start for styling. If you want to weigh your hair down, focus on a good, creamy conditioner and leave a bit in (that means you don't need to spend the extra $$$ on a leave in conditioner). As far as shampoo goes, many at health food stores have no sulfates. I shampoo once or twice a week. On the in between days, just use conditioner or don't get your hair wet at all if it still looks good

    After you condition, a styling cream will further weigh your hair. You may want to plop to encourage curl, but using a blowdryer or diffuser will make your hair bigger.

    Good luck, you should register and get Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey

    Fotki: curlymeg

    Nature's Gate Awapuhi Volumizing Conditioner
    Graham Webb Making Waves gel
    jojoba or coconut oil as a DT

    Hair is pretty great now that it's colder, now I'm focusing on my skin. Sniffle.

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