so discouraged :( PLEASE HELP!

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as you can see from my signature down there, i'm so desperate to grow out my curls! i've been taking GNC's hair, skin and nails formula along with GNC evening primrose and GNC collagen for about 2.5 weeks now and i know it's early, but i can't really tell anything. once this month's worth of vitamins is gone, i'm considering trying the GNC ultra nourish hair b/c i've heard good things about it in this forum.

i'm so discouraged about growing my hair out. i've been trying for 2 YEARS. i've been modified CG since then (now i'm 100% CG) and i've taken a lot of precautions with my hair and treated it very nicely. since then i've stopped flat ironing/curling so much (i only do it like maybe once a month) but still it breaks off on the ends. i get it trimmed once every 2 months but i can see split ends going ALL THE WAY up my hair. does that mean i have to cut it all off in order for it to grow?

here's my BIG QUESTION:

is it possible to grow out hair that is already damaged and split WITHOUT cutting it all off? i refuse to chop my hair! help!:banghead:
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    I don't see any protein in your routine. I'm pretty sure (trying to figure out where I read it) that hair breakage can be symptomactic of damage and/or protein deficiency. Fine hair tends to need protein to stay healthy, strong and bouncy. You can't repair split ends but you may be able to bolster the strength of you hair without having to cut until later.

    As for growing more quickly, I've used biotin and MSM with some degree of success. My hair just doesn't grow as quickly as some others. Speckla had a supplement routine that made her hair grow inches in a few short months. You may want to do a search for that.

    Hopefully one of the science geeks will chime in.
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    i gather all my hair in a pony tail and dust my ends when ever i see it trying to split.usually only a centimeter or so......i do not do big trims because ive reversed the dryness issue. i use aphogee 2 minute reconstructor almost every time i wash which is every 2 days or so.ill use a nickle size of my organic conditioner and leave it in my hair and i especially work it on my tips to air dry.i rarely flat iron....this cause damage over ever i do have a maxi glide that i may use about 3 times a year.and i only wear my hair pinned up half the day.i take country life maxi hair vitamins and i love it. so try keeping your hair moisterized and dust only the tips as the hair grow that you wont have to do the bigg trim....and you wont be loosing yoiur length.:laughing1:
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