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I need to first make the note that I wasn't looking for a massively experienced stylist, much less one that even knew about CG or didn't use cones or anything. I was simply looking for someone who wouldn't hack my head apart and leave me with crap hair that I would just have to get cut again in a week. It was a bonus if s/he knew how to cut curly hair properly. I figured this was probably aiming too low, but I didn't want to completely waste my money.

I did a Google search for salons in Norwich, and called several of them, asking what their pricing was, if they did a student discount, and, importantly if they felt confident to cut curly hair. Most of the places I called were a bit pricey but did a discount and all but one said that the majority of the staff could do curly hair. One, however, said 'Oh, I know - I have curly hair myself - do you want us to air-dry it or cut is dry or specially or anything?' Their prices were also very, very reasonable, and didn't vary with hair length (£21 for wash/cut/blow; I think a wash and cut was something like £16 and a dry cut was £11, but I may be wrong). Score! That one is Da Vinci's, on King St in Norwich (northwest side of city centre).

I was delighted to find, when I got there, that there was not one curly-head there but TWO. Both had really quite good looking hair, so I felt in quite safe hands. I was taken for a quick consult, where the stylist, Lauren, looked at how much my hair shrunk when dry compared to straight, evaluated the damage, etc, and we decided a good two-inch trim would take care of things, and she suggested that we do a long layer to help with the shape of my hair (which, admittedly, is its second biggest problem). She did decide to do the cut wet - I had no preference, particularly as my hair wasn't curling very evenly and a dry cut might have been pointless, and as she washed my hair I did tell her I generally washed without sulfates and silicones. She seemed generally approving of that, and knew why it was good - and while the Redken stuff they used in store was generally full of cones, she did use the AllSoft stuff on my hair, which is probably the least offensive cone-wise.

The cut itself was quite good - new stylists tend to take too much off my hair, and if anything, she took off a little too little. But that's alright - I'd rather too long than too short. The long layers look really good, and while my hair has yet to dry from washing it today, it already looks a lot better and neater than it did yesterday morning. As far as styling goes, it ended up okay. Some of the products she used were a little cone heavy (but that was okay - again, not one of my requirements for the salon), but my hair looked pretty good afterwards and I felt quite good coming out of the chair.

I'd give it a 4/5. Good service, good cut, very good pricing - shame about the cones, but they were very few in number. Not a truly CG cut, but a good halfway if all you need is a trim (or BC) and aren't too concerned so long as your hair isn't completely ruined by a *bad* cut. Definitely would go again.
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