How much frizz...

laredheadlaredhead Registered Users Posts: 30
...can products be expected to conquer?

I ask because we're sitting at 96 degrees right now, with a max humidity of 75% today. My hair is pretty gosh darn frizzy, but I'm not sure if this is the result of a funky product, or rotten Louisiana weather. :tongue5:

ETA: I tried using honey on my hair last weekend because it was so dry. Could this be a problem?
Tryin' to figure this out!!!

CG since 05/05/09
2b/c? - wavy with a few spirals
High porosity, medium texture... umm, I think???

Co-wash: Giovanni TTT
Rinse-out: Biotera volumizing or Burt's Bees Raspberry and Brazil Nut
Leave-in: Giovanni Direct Leave-In
Gel: Biotera

My hair hates HE!!

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