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I am completley run out of styles! I have like 4 or 5 ways to style my curly hair but thats about it!!! Does anyone have any creative ways to style your hair (I already know braids, half up-half down, poofs,and messy buns.) Thanks so much!!!!!! I appreciate any help I can get!!:tongue5:


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    So when I wear my hair curly...I do the usual messy bun, down, half up yeah all that...but one style I really like is...
    Two french twists in the front and connect them with a rubber band in the back.
    I part like about 2 or 3 inches from my scalp straight across my head and then part in half and twist or french braid and then pull them behind my head and secure with a scrunchie...and leave the rest down.
    I get LOTS and LOTS of compliments!
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    I love doing that style! Especially when I secure it in the back with a cute clip instead of a scrunchie.

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    does anyone have a picture of this hair style you all are talking about?? i kinda want to try it and im not followoing any of this!

    CLAIRE <3
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    First, Chopin2Bach you have GORGEOUS hair!! I'm really jealous hahah.

    side ponytails, make a braid on the side of your head and pin it back or make 2 braids and connect them in the back
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    This one is really classy! I do the Gibson tuck when I want to look older. It also works to do a lot in musicals and plays; its similar to the character shoes of hairstyles. :) You need hair long enough to make a pretty medium length pony. 1) Make a loose ponytail near the base of your neck with a thinnish hair tie. 2) Separate the hair above the tie, and tuck the ponytail up and over into it, but not pulling all the way through. Better explanation there, scroll down to the "Elegant Gibson" This look looks especially great on us curly topped gals because we have little tendrils that fall out and frame our faces!
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