Dance Dance Reveloution

ladypladyp Registered Users Posts: 40
Has anyone here used the dance revolution video game to excercise? If so what were your results and would u recommend.? I have been looking at testomonials online and people seem to have good weight loss with it.

I remembered we had it lastnight and today I took it out and wow. I was so exhausted. nearly positive I had a mini heart attack. wow that was a serious cardio workout. I am so hot and sweaty. I Like it. I could see how it would help to loose weight. I will include it in my excercise program.


  • BefrizzledBefrizzled Registered Users Posts: 3,854
    I don't have it, but I have asked for it several times for this purpose. ;) At school I don't have a gaming system, so it won't matter there. However, I do know someone who was lost a ton of weight by doing this (and sparked my interest, since I've never actually done it before). I couldn't believe it was just from DDR.
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