Motivating other half to excercise

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How do you get your other half to excercise and eat properly? any and all suggestions welcome.

I am trying to get my fiance to excercise and it is difficult. He is seriously overweight and it scares me. We were looking at a chart that says if you are overweight or if u are at your ideal weight. and he looked suprised that he was overweight. sorry if it sounds mean but I was suprised that he was shocked that he was overweight.

He is happy to sit infront of the tv and play his xbox all day. I suggested that we do it together. He always has an excuse. I said if u don't want to go to the gym lets work out at home. no dice. Go with your friend D.after me asking for abt 4 years he finally went with D. They would go for abt 20 minutes 3 times a week. I honestly did not think that was enough but I held my tongue cause at least he was going.Then he just stopped going. grrr its frustrating.


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    Simply put...You can't. He has to want to work out. I gave up on my hubby...he use to work out but quit for awhile. He is slowly starting to work out again.

    As for the food, you can suggest to eat at home. Cook good nutrious food. Make sure only healthy food is in the house and plenty of healthy snacks.
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    yeah you are probably right.

    I try buying and cooking healthy. However,that does not always work. I went shopping today bought healthy things. It was his turn to cook today and when I woke up he had gone back to the store and bought frozen pizzas and icecream for dinner. :(
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    That is hard. It sounds like he doesn't wan to try either way. All I can say is just do the best you can...and set a good example. Maybe one of these days he'll change his mind.

    Good Luck.

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