Hard Hat Hair

smiley88smiley88 Registered Users Posts: 27
And no, I'm not talking about a dryer.
I mean a literal hard hat.

I'm working an internship in a power plant this summer, which means I am frequently pulling a hard hat on and off my curls.
Not hair friendly!!

Now most of the women in the plant are secretarial and never even touch a pair of work boots, much less the hard hat. The few women working in the plant shove their locks into hats and put the hats on top, but they never need to take them off. (Either way, there's hardly a natural wave in any of them.) I walk the fine line between the two worlds of the plant and the office, and I need to look presentable without redoing my hair every time I'm in the plant!

I found out the hard way a ponytail will not fit under the hat because hard hats have that suspension part and it goes down too far in the back.
I'm currently wearing my hair half-head-up every single day.
My hair HATES it.
The front parts are going all straight and frizzy from being pulled back so often.
And to be honest, It's rather boring.

So PLEASE if anyone has any experience or suggestions here I would be more than grateful!
I'm half tempted to start straightening again so I can just whip the hat of, run my hands through it, and look put together, even if it doesn't quite look like me!
type: 3b hair with some 3a on the top layers.
length: a little past the shoulders
Wash process: silicone free, with a weekly sulfate wash (give or take, depending on the season)


  • amethystgirlamethystgirl Registered Users Posts: 5
    When I've had to wear a hard hat, I put my hair in two braids, but I wasn't trying to be curly at the time. And it was also only a couple times every few months, not daily.
    Sorry I can't help more.

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