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Question: I have been reading out people on here not using shampoo, but how do you control the oilyness on the scalp? I can't even seem to go two days without the need to shampoo. My hair seems so limp and scalp is oily!

Also, I usually flat iron my hair, but I want to start wearing it natural now, but when I do I have to put so much gel and mousse into it that it gets so stiff and no movement. I like those curls that bounce and stuff, I have tried lessening the amount of gel/mousse I put in, but then it gets all frizzy. I'm new to this site and based on what I've read, I think I am a 2B hair type. So not extremely curly, but more wavy, I would like to wear it wavy. Any tips on these two issues?


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    First off, drop the sulfate based shampoos. I know that the kinder I am to my hair and scalp the less I need to shampoo. And the sulfates in the shampoos are the same things that get used a engine degreasers!!!!

    Try going low-poo for a while with a sulfate free shampoo. Give your scalp time to adjust and slow down the oil production. It's taken mine about 6 months, so it's not exactly a speedy process. But I'm low-pooing once a week now and co-washing 2x a week.

    Flat ironing your hair is part of your oil problem. The heat and brushing stimulates your scalp to produce MORE oil!!!

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    Frizz will reduce during CG, since you will no longer be stripping your hair of moisture. You'll probably find that you don't need tons of mousse/gel.
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    Sulfate shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils which causes your scalp to produce MORE oil. You can use sulfate-free shampoo (low poo) or silicone-free conditioner to clean your scalp and hair. It takes 4 - 6 weeks for your scalp to adjust, but the oil production will calm down eventually. Friction is more important to keep your scalp clean, not the bubble in shampoo. Here's more info on CG:
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    You aren't alone in fighting the greasies!! I went from thinking I had to wash twice a day to only washing twice a week after going CG. But, like the above posters said, it will take time to get to that point. Luckily my transition was only about 6 weeks, but I went straight from sulfates to water only washing.

    Switching to CG helped me to learn that clean hair doesn't mean squeaky clean. My "clean" hair now is more moisturized and has a heavier feel to it, but its so much curlier and less frizzy.
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