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sarahbellemsarahbellem Posts: 3Registered Users
Hi everyone, I am new to the whole CG phenomenon, and googling it brought me here... Yesterday, a friend, with very similar hair to mine, recommended Curly Girl to me saying that I should read the section for wavy girls and that it would change what I thought about my hair (she pegged me right away as a wavy after she saw me lamely trying to fluff my hair, getting sick of it and propmtly putting it back in a ponytail).

So, I think I've got a handle on the hair types... I just am not entirely sure where I fall on the wavy spectrum. All my life I've treated my hair as a "straight", despite the obvious wave... But when everyone in your family has corkscrew curls except you, it's easy to write yourself off as not a curly person (my mom and sister both have the CURLY hair... My mom has been ironing and blowdrying her hair straight for decades whereas my sister's head is an explosion of glorious ringlets and, OMG, am I jealous!)

My hair, when I let it air dry, has a lot of body. It even goes so far as to produce the occassional actual curl if the conditions are right (my bangs are notorious for curling if I don't blow dry them, where as the rest of my hair opts for the lazy S curve). But I look at the pictures of Type 2's and see actual curls, which is something I don't have much of. In fact, my hair won't hold a curl if I put it there... It just slides right out, unless I set it overnight. I've always defined my hair as fine, but I have a lot of it, which makes air drying it an hours-long ordeal. But if I do completely let it air dry it becomes a lot more pronounced in the waviness. Still, no full-on curl action, though.

So, here's a picture... My hair as it usually appears after being blow dried:

Can't you just see the wave dying to break free, or am I really a 1 and should just deal with the disappointment?


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    I'd say you are a 2A in the picture. You might be like alot of us on here though and have lots more curl with some TLC! It took me a good three months before I saw my "real" hair after starting CG! Welcome to the club! LOL!
  • sarahbellemsarahbellem Posts: 3Registered Users
    Hi HeatherDawn! Thanks for your input... I've been reading through the site a bit and I think I may actually be a 2B in disguise. My hair is notoriously resistant to styling and I can get quite a frizz going. Very irritating. ;)

    The biggest surprise is that I've gone shampoo-less for 3 days now and my hair is not greasy! I think the gel is a different story, though... Its making my hair crunchy. The biggest problem is quitting the brush. I've always been addicted to brushing.
  • kimmyckimmyc Posts: 551Registered Users
    You probably are a 2 something. I would say one day when you have time after washing, put some product in and then just let it air dry to see what it looks like. That's probably the best way to tell.

    Like HeatherDawn said with TLC and not brushing and blow drying, you'd probably be amazed at how much more wave or curl your hair will have.
    2b/3a, primarily use Jessicurl and DevaCurl products, Curls Hair Tea conditioner and various gels. I'm modified CG-ish since 5/04.
  • sarahbellemsarahbellem Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thanks kimmyc. I've been experimenting with gel the last two days and not liking the effect... I'm probably using the wrong gel, though. Its making hair stringy and crunchy, but there is some definite wave action going on; much more than I've ever seen before. That gives me hope at least! ;)

    One last thing... Can someone recommend a good product for 2a/b hair that won't make it crunchy? I've read through the reviews on this site and found some leads, but almost everything is recommended by people with Type 3 hair, so I'd like to get some Type 2 advice!
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    I also think you are a 2b. It will be wavier when you are not blowdrying it all the time. The color is very pretty!
    I'm not good with gels or styling products, but I like Herbal Essences Humidity Def;ying Gel (even though its hard to scrunch out all the crunch), and the combo of AG:Recoil and Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee.
    Since the humidity and summer heat have kicked in I have been shampooing 2x a week with Giovanni Balanced 50/50 shampoo, and using either a Giovanni conditioner or a Suave Naturals conditioner.
    But in this weather it almost doesn't matter because all I do is put it up in a pony tail anyway, yuck!
    2B wavy thick hair
    Fia=2a M iii
    modified CG since 1/12/06
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    Are you raking the gel through your hair? That will make it stringy. I think as wavy hair dries, the water in it can weight it down and it won't curl. That's where the idea of plopping comes in. But you also have to scrunch.....I scrunch out my conditioner, I scrunch with a microfiber towel, then I SCRUNCH in my products (I like [buylink=]curl keeper[/buylink] under making waves right now), then I plop.

    It is all about defying gravity. If your hair is still crunchy after it dries, then scrunch it a lot and it will soften up. But if you pull it at all or comb it (even with your fingers) it can get stringy fast.

    Fotki: curlymeg

    Nature's Gate Awapuhi Volumizing Conditioner
    Graham Webb Making Waves gel
    jojoba or coconut oil as a DT

    Hair is pretty great now that it's colder, now I'm focusing on my skin. Sniffle.
  • csbcsb Posts: 225Registered Users
    I believe in typing hair when it has been allowed to dry naturally with NO product and no brushing. (Yes, this does result in my hair being a frizzy mess.) The reason why is that some products (like [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink]) give me a lot of curl definition that I don't naturally produce. Likewise, other products (like those with cones) can make my hair look straighter. I think everyone should have a baseline, then work from there.

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