NaturallyCurlyEnnovy get your butt in here

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... I think we should have a NaturallyCurlyEnnovy fanclub or something LOLOLOL :happy4:

I love your hair :love5:

Sorry, not you. I'm married LOL Just your hair!!!! :afro:

NaturallyCurlyEnnovy interview and photos on CurlyNikki's blog:

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    OMG!!! Her hair is AWESOME!!! Thank you for posting this!!! Where do I sign up for the fanclub, LOL?? Ummmm, seriously...
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    Co-sign! I saw those pics and simply gasped.

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    Where does she find these curl wonders?? Sign me up for the fan club. I love her hair!!!! Such an inspiration.
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    Yep.. she's got dream hair. :D
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    The payment is a bag of Amla per year LOL

    But seriously I want my hair to look like hers when it grows up
    - Maria

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    Aaaw....thank you everyone!:toothy2: I felt honored when CN asked me to do it. I admire so many of you ladies hair that it surprises me that others feel the same way about mine. I truly appreciate it!:love5:
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    Nice ;)
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    I absolutely agree!!! Her hair is gorgeous!!! I'm going through my second attempt to transition and after seeing her hair I'm even more inspired to be natural.
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    I'm a stalker. I just love beautiful hair.
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    oh my word.
    I'm IN LOVE with her hair.
    It looks absolutely gorgeous <3:love5:
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