im not sure what to do with my curly hair !!

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ok so my hair is like taylor swifts and when i get out of the shower my curls look great and when i go to bed and wake up its just a frizzy and limp and looks horrible !!!!! and when i see taylors hair i want my curls to stay like hers ... only when she doesnt use a curling iron though. anyway could really use some help and i also needsome new hairstyles instead of ponytails and buns and thank you sooo much i really need all of the help i can get with my curly hair and i THINK my hair is 3b.:happy3::happy3::happy3::happy3::happy3::happy3::happy3::happy3::happy3::happy3::happy3::happy3::hello2::hello2::hello2::hello2::hello2::hello2::hello2:


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    Try putting some frizz-eaze/curl defining product in your hair after showering, then letting it air-dry for a bit ( I always put my hair up in loose pony-tail) then braiding it before you go to bed. Before braiding, I always put frizz-eaze serum. Then, wrap your braids up with a head scarf so it doesn't all fall out and get knotty and frizzy. If you want tighter curls, you can go straight to braiding after the shower, but I never do that as it doesn't dry completely during the night, and my hair goes spastic curly.

    If braiding doesn't work for you, you can always try plopping your hair. My hair is 2c-3a, and I always aim for a slightly wavy style.

    Good luck! :pr:
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