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My mom claims that yoga (even Hatha yoga) is aerobic. I find it hard to believe. Is that true? If so, does that mean that I get a cardio workout when I do it?


  • godgivenpermgodgivenperm Posts: 678Registered Users
    I've noticed that there are some moves in yoga that do raise the heart rate when I hold them (warrior poses, triangles). I think I've read in passing as well that in this respect yoga qualifies as an aerobic workout. But I doubt I burn as many calories doing yoga as I do while working out to a Firm video, or kickboxing, etc.

    It will be interesting to hear what others have to say!
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    Ashtanga yoga is quite aerobic. But I use a heart rate monitor and I've noticed that no form of yoga gives me anything near as much as a cardio workout as, say, running or spinning

    I find yoga good for toning though.

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