A few haircut questions

Ok, time for a little trim. It's been about 5-6 weeks and my hair has grown out a little from when I pretty much buzzed it. My main concerns are my hair having too much weight when it grows out (As I would like to have my hair a little longer)

1) Would layering help take off weight and thickness? If so, can you cut layers in to short hair, or would you have to wait for it to grow a little

2) To layer hair, do you have to use shears? Last time, the stylist said she was giving me layers when she pulled out the shears

3) I already made a thread about side burn area hair, but would it be ok to just take of the hair in front of the ears completely or would that look strange.
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    I used to have very short hair. Not GI Jane/Demi Moore hair, more like Ghost/Demi Moore hair. And yes, I blew it that straight. My round brush and blow dryer was never out of reach.
    I started growing it out and I will tell you: it wasn't easy.
    I used rollers for the interim. My hair was too long to blow dry and too short to let it air dry. So.. my stylist at the time recommended I used rollers to 'control' the curl while it was growing out. I 'blew dried' my hair until it was 98% dry then I rolled it... and that seemed to work.
    I did that for about one year... then one day last summer I decided it was time to let it air dry and see what happened. I haven't put a roller in my hair since.
    While growing it out, I got it cut every 8 weeks or so.. now I get it cut every 3-4 months. I'm still kinda growing it.. but I'm thinking about getting the length cut.. maybe after the summer.

    My other thought is: NO SHEARS! YIKES! All that does is create frizz... there are many threads about this.. Thinning/layering your hair with shears in my book is a huge NO NO! Maybe there are some that will disagree with me... but if you do a search and read up, I think you'll find most will agree with me.


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    yes, i, too, have also read shears are NEVER to be used on a curly!!! and, personal experience bears this out. in fact, when i did not even know about this, i used to tell them not to use the shears as my hair did not like it (and this was before i even knew about cg hair!!)
    tell her this BEFORE you sit in the chair!!! it is soooo against the way to cut curly hair.

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