What a difference 1 product makes

I finally received my shipment of Boots, and I have to say I think I'm in love with this stuff! Normally, I don't use any stylers besides gel, and have been battling a touch of dryness and frizz.

Yesterday, I had the greatest hair day after trying this in my hair... frizz free clumps of curls. Best of all, my hair feels really soft and smooth and healthy. Is the Boots curl creme supposed to have moisturizing properties? I thought it was rumored to be a bit drying. That was the only difference in my routine, and my hair feels better than it's ever been!

(I will try to get some pictures....)

Does anyone use Boots with [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink]? I just received my shipment of that to try as well. From reading all the posts about these products, it looks like they are intended to do about the same thing. Would it be best to try alternating these two? Has anyone tried them together? I wonder what they would do...

3a/2c medium texture, low porosity
Cowashes - Suave Coconut/VO5 Strawberries & Cream
Conditioners - Suave Coconut or Cherry Blossom/GVP Conditioning Balm
Leave Ins - GVP as needed
Gels - HESMU
Treatments - Nexxus Emergencee/ Homemade DT's
Trying- Boots Curl Creme, KCCC