Japanese/thermal straightening salons in WA

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I'm currently trying to justify the cost of getting this procedure done. My hair does not like regular flat irons, and I'd rather not do that much damage to my hair if I can help it, so relaxing is out. What I'd like is just something that will make my hair easier to deal with. I'm tired of washing and styling it every single day, just so it can go limp as soon as it's dry. It takes me ages to get ready in the morning, and my hair doesn't dry completely until mid-afternoon. It's ridiculous. I'm all about low-maintenance, and I might miss my curls a little, but I think being able to just get up in the morning and go would make it worthwhile.

Everything I've read says the process will take about five hours. I can handle that, if it means my hair will stop taking over my life for about six months or so. :lol: I think that since finding NC.com, I've spent more money on styling products for my hair than the thermal straightening would cost.

I started looking for salons in Washington state that offer this service, and so far all I've found is one salon in Seattle. A good 4-5 hours away. I did find another salon in Portland, Ore., and the Web site seems very reputable. The stylist said she needs to do in-person consultations before recommending the procedure, and since Portland is also about 5+ hours away from where I live, I don't know when I'd find the time to drive all the way down there for a consultation, then drive all the way back up here, just to drive down there AGAIN to get the whole thing done.

The Portland salon charges a base $400 for the first three hours, and the stylist said she charges $60 per each additional HALF HOUR. $120 an hour is a lot of money.

I know, I should just accept my hair the way it is and learn to work with it, but I just want it to leave me alone and let me rest from the constant styling and stress and the whole "No, don't touch my hair, you'll disrupt the curl formation and make it frizzy!" :lol:

Is there anyone in the local area who can point me to a decent salon that knows how to do this straightening thing?


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    I don't know of a local salon to point you towards, but I just had TR done Saturday and I can tell you, I'm so happy I won't have to worry about my hair for a loooong time. I hated going to work with wet stringy hair every morning, only to have to wait until the afternoon for it to dry and be able to scrunch the crunch out. And if I diffused, it was a giant frizzball. Nothing seemed to work!

    I talked to many curlies on here who have had TR who said to go ahead and go through with it. I figure I'm at a time in my life where I really need that ease with hair, as I never really have time to do it, and I absolutely hate being the girl with wet-head. Right now I'm waiting through the first 2 days before I can wash it, but it is perfectly straight and shiny. And so much longer than I ever knew! Well anyway, I just wanted to send you some encouraging vibes incase you decide to go through with it, and offer you any advice if you ever need it. And also, if you decide to keep your curls, I'm sure they look wonderful too :) Good luck!! :)

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    Hey, congrats on getting it done! How do you sleep or avoid tucking your hair behind your ears? I read that you should be extra careful to avoid bending the hair for at least the first seven days. I just don't know if I could do it. My hair is pretty long, so if it kept getting in my face I'd be getting so mad, lol.

    Thanks for the positive reinforcement! I'm still seriously considering it, though it's not financially feasible right now.
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    What is the point of getting it done? If you hair is going to grow back it's natural texture, why not use a cheaper method such a relaxer (just leave it is in for less time if type 3)? I mean why spend hundreds or a thousand dollars if in 6 weeks you're gonna have wavy/curly roots?
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    gurlie wrote:
    What is the point of getting it done? If you hair is going to grow back it's natural texture, why not use a cheaper method such a relaxer (just leave it is in for less time if type 3)? I mean why spend hundreds or a thousand dollars if in 6 weeks you're gonna have wavy/curly roots?

    Well.. I don't know about most people, but the since my root are extremely straight until almost my ears (and my hair's wave and curl disappears if it's cut above my collarbone), the Japanese straightening would work really well on my head.

    Plus, it's MUCH cheaper than how much the average curly here spends on hair products a year. Also, going to work with wet hair is NOT professional in the least and that's basically what a lot of curlies seem to have to do (my hair takes 5 hours to air dry and frizzes in the process). So, when I get out of college, I'm definitely having this done because it's the easiest thing.

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