need help to control my hair!!

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so i have kinda weird hair and i dont know what type i am..
i kinda have bouncy ringlets but they start from the crown of my head. my roots are kinda straight. i used matrix for about 2 years and my hair was in the best of shape and then it started becoming dry and unruly so i switched. now im using like extra moisture paul mitchell shampoo and my hair is frizzy and the curls are like gone and its just frizz and now the bottom has become damaged and i dont straighten or blow dry my hair... and im SICK OF IT
does anyone have suggestions of what shampoo and conditioner i can use for my mess of hair?!?!?!


  • SpeedGoddessSpeedGoddess Posts: 118Registered Users
    Have you tried going CG yet? I dont think you have if you still use shampoo...CG does WONDERS. I will tell you, though, that the first few weeks suck. But it is totally worth it!

    Here's a really good link that explains CG:

    Hair type: 3B

    CG since: Dec '08

    (Johnson&Johnson No More Tears Shampoo when need help with build-up), Suave Naturals condish, leave some in, LaBella Gel, then out the door!

    You only live once...make it count

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