FRUSTRATED grower! :(

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Hey guys.

I'm sick of waiting for my hair to grow! It's been almost a year since my BC pixie-cut and I'm still waiting for the rest of my hair to catch up with the back, which, of course, grows longer then the canopy. I've had three trims in the last year--ALL of them only to the back of the hair so as to avoid the mullet look.

I've dusted over-all so as to avoid split ends and damage, but I feel like it's taking SO long. The shortest layer of my hair is so stubborn! Even after a year, my shortest layer of hair, curly, only reaches the top of the curve of the back of my head! My hair used to grow SO fast, and now it's as if the rate has backtracked to a slow crawl!

My ultimate goal is BSL hair, and my short-term goal is chin-length hair--I thought I would have reached it by now! Grrr! :angry5: This sucks! It's taking forever and I want a change, but I promised myself no highlights until it was at least shoulder-length and God knows I don't want to cut it. AURGH! I'M SO SICK OF IT!!!

Sorry...I just needed to rant!! >:(
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    hang in there, it's hard when it seems like it isn't grown and then one day you wake up and it just seems longer then you realize that it is and your hair actually DOES grow :p
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    Hi, like mamacurl3 said you gotta hang in there and be patient try not to worry about it so much and before you know it you hair will have grown a few inches..... I had a pixie cut too and I hated it and I also had a few disasters with hairdressers who like to cut too much hair off..... so now I trim and colour my hair myself...I wish you luck on your hair growing journey :happy10:
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    I agree, just hang in there and try not to obsess over it, like I do sometimes! Just remember to try and keep your hair healthy and really moisturised. I'm growing my hair out too and I'm so impatient :clock:

    But sometimes I get out of the shower and think 'Ohh my hair has grown' remember it's hair and it WILL grow!
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