How can I get my hair like Taylor Swifts when she doesn't use a iron?

purplerugpurplerug Posts: 3Registered Users
You can totally tell when she uses a curling iron and when she doesn't.I have 3a can I make my hair look like hers.what products do I use.and how do I sleep with curly hair?


  • TCHanson TCHanson Posts: 34Registered Users
    Do you mean like the pictures below???

    And if you're trying to get your hair like hers when she doesn't use a curling iron, that may be difficult. If your curl pattern is not the same or very similar to hers, you probably wouldn't be able to achieve that look unless you curled it.

    here are some pictures of her hair uncurled:


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    If you have 3a curls then you probably have a texture similar to hers. If you want hair like Taylor, you could try braiding your hair overnight, sleep on it and take it out in the morning. It should give you a nice loose braid out look. You could use a moisturising hair cream or apply a tiny amount of your conditioner, as a leave in to moisturise. Then plait/braid your hair in braids about an inch in thickness (think big braids). If you have a scarf you could pin your braids to your head and wrap a scarf around them to protect them while you're sleeping and then in the morning, before you take them out, spritz any fuzzies with water. Take them out and you should have a nice loose braid out :) Hope I helped
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  • Irish_carrottopIrish_carrottop Posts: 214Registered Users
    I think the only thing you can do if you have 3b is to loosen your curls. She has 3a all the way. If you have 3a, the key is volume on the top. Layers layers layers. Otherwise, you really have to have a very similar hair pattern to pull it off. :tshirt:
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    I agree with what everyone else has saiid; the braid would be a really neat idea! I did it a while agoo, and the change was really fun. like my hair type changed, just sleep with them pinned up, or with a scarf over them, and then side parting slightly, so your hair flops over a bit, and fluff it up a little (:
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  • curlycarrottop62curlycarrottop62 Posts: 245Registered Users
    i cant tell if tayler swift has long side bangs or if she just has a side part or something like that. Please help
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  • dont worry be curly!dont worry be curly! Posts: 144Registered Users
    amcarter62 wrote: »
    i cant tell if tayler swift has long side bangs or if she just has a side part or something like that. Please help

    she has both a side part and long side bangs. her hair is parted mostly to the left(looks like it's on the right when you look at pics.)and then she also has long bangs. Hope this helps!:mrgreen:
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    if she's not using a curling iron then its probably hard to acheive that look cuz its her natural curl pattern
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  • ReDDnStuFFReDDnStuFF Posts: 8Registered Users
    I would like to point out that Taylor Swift has a stylist and most of the time you see her she's had her hair professionally styled. Trying to get your hair to look just like hers will probably be hard.

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