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Hi Everyone

I Type 2A shoulder length, coloured treated caucasian hair.

Please suggest haircare products that I can buy here in Toronto, and/or within Canada only!

I've bought a lot of junky stuff, and wasted a lot of money for heartache and grief over lousy, terrible and just plain bad haircare products and haircuts...

I'm looking to buy shampoo, conditioner, detangler, mousse, gel, and so on...

Also any good hairdressers for curly and/or naturally wavy hair out in the GTA area that you can recommed? As I'm tired of paying good money, for a lousy and very ugly haircut that makes me weep everytime I look in the mirror!:wav:



  • kwillikwilli Posts: 53Registered Users
    I recommend The Curl Ambassadors - both for the cut and products.

    Some of the products in my rotation are:
    Down Under Natural Conditioner (from Shopper's)
    KCCC & KCKT (from
    Deva Low Poo (from The Curl Ambassadors)
    ACV rinse (from the grocery store)

    If you're in the west end, go to Nicole at the Sears Hair Studio at Sherway Gardens. I still recommend going elsewhere for products but she knows what she's doing with curly hair. Plus it's 1/2 the price of a cut at The Curl Ambassadors.

    Type: 2b/3a, fine, thick, med. porosity
    Hate: My frizzy, curl-less canopy
    Love: My natural hair colour

    Still fine-tuning my routine.
    Cleansers: GTTT Shampoo, ACV rinse, Deva Low Poo
    Co-wash: Down Under Naturals Conditioner, GTTT Conditioner
    Styling: KCKT & KCCC
    Want to Try: KCCC & BHRG Combo,
    Looking For: Good protein treatment & DT
  • millie_(A)TCKmillie_(A)TCK Posts: 404Registered Users
    the Sears Hair Studio at Sherway Gardens.]

    Yeah I want to try there too as they have a former hairstylist from the curl ambassadors who I had really wanted to get a cut from as she seemed to know curly hair amazing well. I went to the curl ambassadors for the first time about two months ago, thinking her there but there was a replacement. OH HORROR! My hair was completely botched. I looked like edward scisssorhands! Never again. Expensive and not worth it.

    For products go to delineation on yonge and eglington, they have deva care, mop-top, mixed chics, redken, moroccan hair oil, etc

    Honey fig is up the street. They cater to more tighter curls but they have the jessicurl hair line which is perfect for your curls.

    Right next door to delineation is Noah's which has the aubrey organic hair line and their conditioners are delicious. Happy Shopping!
    3c/4a. Very Fine and Thin.
    Moisturizers: QB Burdock Root butter creme, Curl Junkie, Abba Pure Gentle leave-in
    Styling Products: Curls Souffle, Curl Junkie Coffee Creme
    Curl Cremes: Jessicurl Confident Coils
    Conditioners: Deva Curl One, Mixed Chics DC, Nature's Gate Biotin
    DT:AO Honeysuckle Rose, Coconut oil.
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    shoulder length bob; fine; 3A-3B; thin density; normal porosity; normal elasticity- my hair loves keratin, ACV, silk protein ,Curlkeeper and AG:Recoil ; needs moisturizing products and hates oils except mineral oil; CG- Jan/'09-mod CG Sept/'09;CG again Jan/'10/mod CG from Mar'10

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    I personally have really enjoyed Lysa from Grateful Head on Dundas West. It seems frightening when she is cutting your hair...but the after effect is awesome.

    I enjoy(ed) moroccan oil products too, however I am trying the CG no shampoo method.

    Totally want to try the jessicurl line too. Glad to have fellow Torontonian curlies on here!
    feel free to check out my artwork

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    was 2B on top 3A and 3B underneath
    but since growing out and going CG I am now a combo of 3A and 3B with 3C underneath
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    Growing out since 2008, down past collarbone but I want it past my bra strap...I long for a giant head of long soft curls:sunny:
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    Chiggy's Touch is awesome for curls. Great cuts, and they were the first to show me how to care for my curls. The salon is in Yorkville.
  • aunttallulahaunttallulah Posts: 206Registered Users
    Deliniation now has the Jessicurl line & Curl keeper as well.

    If you're starting out with the Jessi products, you can buy the trial sizes. They have them there so you can try it out before buying the whole thing.

    There is a specialist for the dry cut there as well. I am going to get Susan to do the cut in June (I booked 2 weeks ago & had to wait until mid june for a cut) so I can't tell you about the cut yet.

    I have also heard that Karlene (formally from Chiggy's touch) is great with hair as well.
    Toronto, Ontario Curlie
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    Using:CJCR/CJBH, Kevin Murphy Maxi wash, AG: recoil, JCCC, DBPSC, SSPT, SSPS, CHSCK
    Air Dry only!
    Want to take my new found knowledge and apply it to make lovely lush locks!
    Living life one curl at a time!

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