Blow Dryer Genius?!

dizzyfreedomdizzyfreedom Posts: 4Registered Users
I'm soooo not a girl when it comes to hair and makeup...its a constant struggle for me. BUT...I do love how flexible my hair is...if I knew how to do it myself. I'm actually trying to learn how to blow dry it on my own. I usually roller set it because I just can't do the hair dryer and a brush...I guess I have no arm strength.

Anyone have any suggestions for a good blow dryer with great attachments that work that I don't have to use two hands AND is not heavy?

I have one, but I must say the attachment always falls off. And inevitably, I end up with an afro!!!! :happy6: Perhaps I could make that look good i guess, but since I'm soooo not a girl, I just look like I stuck my hand in a socket!!!!

Thanks for the help!

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