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Hello everybody, I'm Kiera and new to this forum. I really hope I can find some help in here.

I'll start from the begining. When just born pictures show my hair as really curly, with ringlets going all over my head; as the years went by I think the curl became looser, ending in what right now I consider to be waves. However my appers to change as if in a mood. Also, and I think it does not come as a surprise, the thightness of my curls changes when I cut my hair (the shorter the thighter the curl).

For what I have read in this site, I'm tempted to believe right now I somewhere between the 2 and 3 categories. For when I let my hair dry naturally it 'shrinks' a bit because of the curls, but some other times it just becomes wavy.

Right now I would like to ask for some help styling my hair, right now is shoulder lenght and layered.

I've always had a problem wearing my hair down, not because I dilike the curls, but because I become annoyed by my hair falling into my face. That's why I always end up using it in a ponytail (more like a rabbit-tail or pig-tail, as sometimes it shrinks into a small ball of curls .__. and some others all the falling hair gathers into one big ringlet .___.). I'm trying to become accostumed to wear my hair down in order to really show my curl/waves off.

I shamppo, condition and brush my hair everyday in order to be able to make the ponytail (and for what I have read in here I think what I'm doing is all wrong). So I would really appreciate any comments or help you could be able to provide.

Thank you
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    Sometimes I get annoyed by hair in my face too, esp in this heat. I like to wear my hair half up half down or with just the very top part pulled back (like they did in the 60s). Also, you can try a thin headband. This way, your curls are free, but so is your face.
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    "Guest", you should register...anyway, that's my favorite hairstyle!!!
    Lifting half the curls really shows them off too.
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    Unfortunately, there's no quick-and-dirty guide to curly hair. The best thing is to jump in with both feet and start experimenting. The "Curly Girl" book by Lorraine Massey is a good place to start, as many around here do her method (referred to as "CG" around here). And even those of us that don't often use at least some of what's in there.

    Brushing is generally a curly no-no, but I suppose there are some that do it. Shampooing everyday is another big curly no-no. For probably 95% of us, our hair is way too dry for that.

    Immediate suggestions would be to cut down the frequency of your shampooing and look into getting a gentler shampoo--one with no sulfates or only the very gentlest sulfates. Try just combing the conditioner through in the shower to get the tangles out, and then don't brush it.

    Finding a good shampoo, conditioner and styling product(s) is an arduous process of trial and error: figuring out which ingredients your hair loves and which your hair hates, how much hold you need, etc.

    Common curly tricks for styling include diffusing, rinsing/applying hair products upside down (which gives more volume and thus might help if your hair falls into your face because it's falling flat), and "plopping." If you search on these, you'll find a ton of old threads on all three topics.

    But yeah...more or less, you've just got to start experimenting and figure out what works!

    Welcome to our little corner of the world!
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    Sorry, that "guest" was me, for some reason I keep getting logged out and I don't realize that before I post something.

    Some wavies use a widetooth comb on dry hair because they like the soft look. I do it sometimes.

    My biggest recommendation for fellow wavies is to NOT leave a lot of condtioner in their hair, it is not usually as dry as curlies and your hair wil get weighed down. Scrunch in some gel and then plop for about 15 min. Then it's up to you whether or not you diffuse, my hair is curlier when I do.

    It is OK to be a wavy and not a curly, even if you used to be curlier. I am the same way. I had Shirly Temple curls when I was young, and now I am wavy. I was in denial for awhile, but I am growing to love my waves.

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    I'm not sure if I qualify to chime in here, since the bottom 1/3 (or thereabouts) of my hair is ringlets, then it waves up higher (prolly from weight, I have 2-3 normal people's hair on my head!!!) but it is hard those days when I just rrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyy want those top-to-bottom corkscrew/boticelli coils.
    Plus ppl always ask me when I wear 2 ponytails how long it took me to curl the, thanks? :?
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