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Hi ladies,

new on this great board and wondering if any of you can help! I am desperate for a good leave in conditioner for my 3Cs and as I live in the UK, the fact that I can not get most of the american products is really depressing me a bit... :(
Does any of the UK based members know of a curl defining conditioner (has to be leave in-the wash out ones do nothing for my hair) I can get over here?
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  • jazzijenni81jazzijenni81 Posts: 529Registered Users
    im not in the UK but i think elucence is available to you. its my favorite leave in right now :)
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    madita, the best way to find out if a product is available in the UK, is to do a search on a UK version of Yahoo/Google, limit your search to the UK, and see if it comes up with Brtitish sale details.

    Otherwise, you can order it from an American company. Make sure you keep the total cost including shipping below the taxable limit or you might end up paying a lot in customs duties.

    Mariposa Import is in Europe & offers a lot of the products discussed on nc.com, but they are more expensive than in the US, of course. Then again, you won't have to pay import duties.

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