Hightlights or lowlights for men curly hair

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I have a few questions about highlights and lowlights. I always wanted to try 2 tone lowlights with my brunette hair and not sure how to choose a color. Any suggestions?

With curly hair is it good to foil or not to foil and has anyone tried a non foil method? I heard it's called the hand painting method. What is the best way to color curly hair? Would you want to color your hair before hair cut or during a hair cut?

Why does my hair doesn't curl after I cut it? It always takes a couple of weeks before it starts to curl the way I want to. Is there anyway I can avoid it and not wait a couple of weeks?

I have uploaded couple of images of myself. The 1st image of myself the highlights or done w/ foil. 2nd pic of me is actually taken few months after the haircut. Looking for any suggestions.




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    I do highlights and lowlights in my hair with foils. I need to do a deep treatment a couple days before and a couple days after to prevent too much damage to my hair. I get colour and trim at the same time. My natural hair colour (before I started going white) was very dark. The lowlight is the same shade as my natural. The highlight is kind of caramel.

    Foils are the best method for me due to allergies. Plus it blends in my white as opposed to completely covering it.

    I've never had the curl loss that you're describing. I think it's because of the fact that I DT before and after.

    You have GREAT hair! :)
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