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Hi ladies! I am kind of new to this site, and I am soooo confused about the "cones" that everyone talks about. What is a cone? I see lots of reference to drying ingredients, and I am trying so hard to keep my hair very moisturized and healthy.

What products do you girls love for moisture? I just ordered tons of samples from Curl Junkie, and I tried some samples from Blended Beauty and Curls. The Blended Beauty [buylink=]Butter Me Up[/buylink] seemd to be pretty good.

Thanks bunchs!!!!


  • jeamariajeamaria Registered Users Posts: 1,851
    Hi curlyteri,

    "'cones" is an abbreviation for "silicones". Another poster called sweetpeacali does a clear, succint breakdown in her album. Here is a link to it, hopefully she won't mind my posting it. :)
  • curlytericurlyteri Registered Users Posts: 6
    Hi! Thanks so much for that response! I don't know if that clarified things, or just made me more confused!!! I have tried to stay away from alcohol in products because I know it is drying, but I have never thought about silicones at all!! Guess I need to work on learning that list and checking ingredients! Healthy hair is very important to me right now because I'm working so hard for growth.

    Anyway, thanks again for the info!


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