high porosity?

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So I really want to dye my hair fire engine red. (maybe a bit toned down). I have tried this before BUT I have high porosity as far as I know so any color I put on turns out very dark...like a cherry chocolate, and as pretty as that is...it isn't what I want. SO my question is should I purposely ask for a lighter color...or if I box dye should I get a color lighter than what I actually want?

I know strand tests are great for this but I don't wanna buy a million different colors...I guess if I had to I would.


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    I also have very porous hair. I find that semi permanent rather than permanent dyes give a better result. The color comes up brighter and actually last LONGER. I hope this helps...
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    You *really* need to be doing a strand test. Then you can time it properly to get the color you want.
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    Someone can maybe correct me if I'm wrong... but I don't THINK that JUST porosity is going to give you a dramatically darker color.

    What's your natural hair color?
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    I have very porous hair, and haircolor doesn't usually come out unusually dark on me (my natural color is what's in my avatar -- strawberry blonde). It does mean that my hair takes color quickly and loses it equally quickly.

    What is your natural color? Remember, the color you end up with is the hair dye PLUS your natural color. So if you have dark brown hair, and use a medium red hair dye, you are going to get a dark auburn result. Whereas if you have light brown or dark blonde hair you would get a much brighter and redder color; and if you have light blonde hair you would get a light reddish blonde..

    So if you have dark hair already, you might have to lighten it before going red. I would recommend having a salon do that -- it's too easy to fry your hair doing double-process color at home.

    The amount of red your hair already has affects the result also -- if you already have natural red or auburn highlights, the red dye will come out much more vibrant than if you are a cooler or ash shade.
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