Major Dilema!!!!

GetTayGetTay Posts: 5Registered Users
Okay so i made a vow not to flat iron/straighten my hair all summer.
But recently when i washed my hair and let my hair air dry i noticed that one side was a lot curlier and shorter than the other.:banghead:
Any Advice on what i should do.?
Also any advice on how i wear my hair until it is fixed.?


  • Sweetestk13Sweetestk13 Posts: 61Registered Users
    i had the exact same problem! basically what i did was a little self trimming (don't go crazy! just trim about half an inch to an inch of the longer side). And I wear my hair in buns to reduce breakage. hope this helps.:happy10:
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    What I would do is try to lengthen the shorter side by combing out with your fingers, don't encourage curl too much, or while you hair is drying put heavy-ish clips at the end of your curls. Cutting your hair might sound like a good idea but you don't want that side to start getting curlier and end up WAY shorter that the other side.:toothy8:
  • GetTayGetTay Posts: 5Registered Users
    Thanks So Much Guys This Helped a Bunch
  • JessinessJessiness Posts: 64Registered Users
    I had the exact same thing happen to me. I also made a pact not to straighten this summer (after I kind of went crazy with flat-ironing for a few months in the school year =P), and I noticed that one side was curlier, shorter, and seemed to have less hair on it. I did what Irish_ carrottop suggested and put heavy, duck-bill type clips on the ends of that one side and it loosened the curl so it matched the other side's length.
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