RJML/ORSLock&Twist Gel, AURA Gels asNonCrunchCoily Style

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Trying to rate and compare possible soft stylers for very dry coily hair other than activator that gives good results without crunch...

ORS Lock & Twist Gel- people have mentioned this as a potential styler, but is it good for styling super coily hair? And does it dry without crunch???

RJML lock & Twist gel -A lot of people have gotten great results using this for twists, but can it be used as a styler for very coily hair? And does it dry without the crunchies?

Also do the Aura Gels also dry SOFT/without crunchiness on very Coily hair???-And which ones do coilies like best in the line?

ANd does the Aussie Gel line [Tizz No Frizz, Mega Gel, Gel +plus Water] really work well on super coily hair??? and do they dry soft/without crunch also???

Thanks so much!!
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