curl pattern?

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here is a picture of one of my curls and I was wondering what type this is. my curls range from this size pictured to both smaller and bigger versions of the same curl. Im confused though because my hair tends to curl significantly on the ends and waves on top!? oh and I have a LOT of hair so in order to show the curl I took one =) thanks!


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    I'm no help in the typing department but my hair does the same thing!

    I think it's because it's getting longer(mine is currently about shoulder length) and it's pulled/weighed down a little straighter through the length but curls on the end.

    I think it also might have to do with products and how they're applied. I think if I used gel which encourages curl and did some scrunching it would all curl up more into ringlets instead of waves ending in curls.

    Anyway, pretty ringlet! :D
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    My hair does that too.It would be a wave(I have waves shape like Z and S) on top and curl(corkscrew) at the bottom.It is 3C hair=)
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    thanks for the feedback! Im still struggling to find the right products for my hair.. i have had good luck with heavy creams the light leave ins don't do any justice for my hair.. oh well we shall see.
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    my ends also end like that!!! i have lazy that end in cute little coils :).i dont really have a hair type IMO. i just treat the obvious symptoms- dryness, maybe frizzy at times, etc. or it there is a look i want- tight curls - longer curls, i just try what's recommended. [buylink=]KCCC[/buylink] is pretty staple for me tho. i use it in conjunction with everything.
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