tip to grow hair long?

CurlyAddieCurlyAddie Posts: 10Registered Users
ive been wanting to grow my hair extremely long for the past couple of months, and i was just wondering if any baody had any tips they could give me to help me in my journey! :)


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    put a lot of leave-in conditioner on your ends! it prevents breakage, so you can actually see hair growth! (cause your hair actually grows everyday, but because your hair breaks off on the ends, you can't actually see it.)
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    I've seen an article before saying giving yourself head massages promotes faster, healthier hair growth (and prevetns hair loss). It also strengthens the strands already on your head.
    Here's an article: http://www.hairlossexpert.co.uk/Can-scalp-massage-stimulate-hair-growth.html

    I myself take hair vitamins as well. They contain alot of biotin, which causes some people's hair to grow faster and stronger. I take these: http://www.procapslabs.com/PCL/Pages/Products/PCLProductDetail.aspx?Cutica---Hair-Skin-%26-Nail-Benefits

    I actually did experience fast hair growth after I started using these, so you may want to look into hair vitamins, or even just regular biotin capsules. You can find biotin capsules at any drugstore, but I wouldn't take more than 2,500mcg a day.

    Good luck!
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    i have a tip but i dont think that you're gonna like it. Rather than write it, i will give you the link to it. i hope that you dont have to be a member to view it, but if you do, i will write it down.
    if that is a little too extreme for you, i guess you could try protein shakes. i drink this homemade shake everyday and my hair is so shiny and strong. combined with babying my ends, im starting to see really good results
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    thanks for the help! :)
  • S for SuccessS for Success Posts: 32Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    and be active! the more exercise and stimulation you get the more blood will flow to your scalp and rev up some hair growth


    by the way, i started taking a hair skin and nails vitamin that has 3000mcg of biotin and 1500g of MSM which are both supposed to stimulate hair growth and elongate the growth phase so i will let you know how that goes and post pictures soooooon [end of July]
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    massage your scalp twice a day, head upside down
    also like a plant, your hair grows better with some sun
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    Be patient! Healthy hair growth can be promoted through a number of ways, but the rate at which it grows can't be altered. Stick to your guns (and your routine). Keep a picture journal of sorts(e.g. Fotki, photobucket, etc), your hair may not seem like it's growing, but if you have something to look back on you'll be amazed at what you find in a few months!

    I hope this helps happy growing :)

    ETA: I also agree with the suggestions above, do what's right and comfortable for both you and your hair
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    Many ladies over at the long hair care forum with kinky hair use protective hair styles while growing out. These protect the ends, so they will not break off or split, which would cause new growth to just break off!

    Most just put their hair in a bun but there are others. They do this as often as possible, usually everyday for several hours. This prevents their hair from rubbing against clothing or other abrasive materials that would cause the ends to break.

    They also make sure to use a gentle hair tie, either a scrunchy or at the least an elastic with no metal connector.

    I swear my hair grows so fast when I bun consistently! Maybe I just get to actually SEE the growth instead of it breaking off-- I don't know, but it works!

    I would also suggest taking a multivitamin and a fish oil supplement. Fish oil is widely believed to encourage hair growth. It does in my experience, at least.

    Good luck! BTW even though the long hair care forum is for ladies of color, I, as a whitey, benefit from their tips as much as they themselves do!
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    this website is helpful im growing mine out too after a bad haircut, :O ive heard eating jello too but i have tried it and i dont really know so this is where i get all my tips and tricks
    growing out this summer!
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    well when i use to straighten my hair i like to get it professionally blow tried i got my ends trimmed and mabey a little more cut of and in about 3 months my hair was down my back again but i guess it depends on the person
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    Don't forget a good night sleep! Lack of the proper amount of sleep causes stress to your body, and...well...you know the rest.
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