Im new and need advice!

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ok so just today i found this site :] I tried the method of condition only, mouse, then use a diffuser to partially dry it to curl. I also adde a shine spray to get rid of the frizzes. It worked like a charm!
Bue before today i was a relentless starightener. and because of this i have side bangs, but with my new curls it looks pretty bad. is their a way to camoflage them?
also, when i wear my hair outside of my ears, it looks like i have no forhead, so i tuck my curls behind my ear. but it looks kind of bushy on the bottom like this, is there a way to flatten it a bit without straghtening?
thanks :D


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    I guess I would say use a cute little clip on the side bangs until they are grown out (this is what a gf of mine does). As for the behind the ears question, I don't understand it - can't visualize the problem.
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    yes, the little clip and then you can take the part you usually put behind your ears and do a half-up pony tail sort of thing. The half up pony tail with the clipped bangs is a rockin look.
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    Sounds to me like you need a new haircut. You can find recommendations on this site under CurlSalons (the orange tab all the way to the right)

    But I agree about the clip until your bangs grow out.

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