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Hello everyone! I have been doing cg for about 2 weeks now. After searching for products (the ones listed in here) in drugstores and supermarkets, the only ones I found were the VO5 tea therapy conditioner and the L'oreal Out Of Bed cream gel that has 1 water soluble silicone.

So, I've been using those. The co-washing has been amazing! I can see less frizz now. :) I use the same conditioner for co-wash and rinse out/leave in. The problem I've got is the styling product. The one I'm using is no good at all for my hair. I don't know what else to use, becuase that's the only product that is sold here (I live in Guatemala). I was thinking about making my own flax seed gel. Does anyone else use something homemade for styling?

Oh, and I also have trouble with the deep conditioning. Can anyone tell me homemade deep conditioners I could make?

Thank you! Some extra info: I'm transitioning, my hair is 3b, and olive oil didn't work for me. :D
Help me with my curls!

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