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I seriously need advice on what happened and what to do now.
I am 3C (I think....I'm still new to this) and I have always worn it natural but would straighten it from time to time. A year ago, I decided to change things up by layering it and highlighting my hair. Ever since then I frequented the beauty shop (flat iron& press the roots) more regularly then normal because I was advised it was healthier for my hair. The last 4-6 months I have noticed a dramatic change in my hair. When it is wet, it is extremely straight and thin on the ends as if it was relaxed or something. My roots and crown are my natural healthy, wavy and thick hair, however my ends (meaning, ear length and down) it is straight and extremely THIN!! What happened? My hair now has two textures and it is so frustrating!! Should I just cut off the damaged hair (if that is indeed the reason, I thought regular maintenance on my hair at the salon was preventing damage? Uugghh!)? However I feel as if altering my hair has gotten me into this mess, and I feel as if I don't want to do anything else to it. I just want my natural texture back. Please Help!! Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
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    Seriously ,I would stop pressing ,flatironing and blowing out.
    It'S ALL damaging and it manipulates your hair and irritates the cuticle.
    Doin the things I mentioned above can never be healthy and doing it more often than normal is even more damaging.
    Yes, your hair probably broke off ,because especially the ends are very sensitive. That would esplain the thinning ends.
    If your hair is severely damaged I'd really suggest (and I usually don't do this) you chop off at least a few inchies of the ends.
    Or you can do micro trims every now and then.
    I can'T promise you that you'll get you naural texture back- but maybe it'll be a 3a or 3b curl after a while of tender loving care.

    I remember when I left on a relaxer- too long .My hair was straight when it was wet and it didn't even curl when it was dry.
    After a while the curls came back. Of course not my natural 3c's but 3a/b.

    Take care

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    I think you are right!! I haven't been around very many people with the same hair texture as mine and in my community everyone believes straightening is the way to go. I am so glad I found this online community. :D Thank you for your advice. I am a little sadden to know that my 3c's might not come back, however I am truly interested in reviving my hair to it's perfect health. Let the journey begin.....
    Modified CG
    Roots 3C/ Ends 3B
    Transitioning (over processed hair) since 6/06

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