Is a Wash & Go a protective style?

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Or a low manipulation style? If my wash & go lasts me about 3 days without having to "do" my hair, same as my twist outs, braid outs, and coil outs, and it takes less time then can my wash & go be considered a protective or low manipulation style? Or is a protective style means having your ends hidden? Or am I thinking about this to hard :)


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    IIUC, protectives are buns, twists, braids...styles that hide the hair esp. the ends. protecting them from drying air, friction etc.

    i'd guess your WnGs are low manip. but not protective?
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    I don't think wash n go's are protective styles. I agree with PrincessPresto (hey I like your new siggie!) and say that protective styles are used to hide your ends and protect them from the elements. If you do a wash and go and just leave your hair down the ends are going to be in contact with chairs, your shirt, jackets, etc...

    When I do a wash and go I sometimes add sheabutter or some kind of oil to seal the ends. I feel like its doing SOMETHING. But hey enjoy your hair once in a while. If you want to do that wash n go I say go for it :toothy10:
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    No I don't think so. On my hair it's the least protective hair style I can do. I love my little curls and the curl pattern I have naturally but I don't think I can do just them all the time. Too much shrinkage which leads to single strands knots and tangles. Plus the ends are all out and rubbing against everything. Twists and braids, buns are best. From my understanding protective styles have three purposes:

    1. Hiding/protecting ends. To keep moisture in and keep them from rubbing against fabric like clothes which weaken them leading to breakage. This type of protective hair styling includes buns where ends are tucked away like doughnut buns, twisted and braided updos.

    2. To keep hair strands from rubbing against each other which kinky hair loves to do becuase our hair is so twisty, but this is bad becuase it causes tangles as hair strands wrap around each other. And then when detangling you inevitable have to lose some hair. Strands rubbing against each other also lifts their cuticles (outer layer of each strands) exposing the vulnerable delicate inner part of strands leading to breakage. This type of protective hair styling includes braids, twists, puffs and ponytails and buns. Anything where hair is kept confined and tied up. It doesn't usually include roller setting and banding becuase these styles are done on wet or dry hair for every day wear and rollers aren't something you usually go around town with.

    3. To cut down on shrinkage and keep hair stretched while drying. Shrinkage is bad if you want length and healthy ends becuase it cuases single strand knots on most people's hair. You may never fully get rid of SSKs but by doing protective styles while hair is still wet you can cut down on them. These knots are bad becuase they cuase tangles and breakage as nearby hairs get caught in them. The result is frequent hair trims to avoid this. Either way you lose hair. Keeping hair stretched also prevents some of the worst tangles cuased by shrinkages. This type of protective hair style includes roller setting, banding, twists and braids. It can include buns but some people experience tangles when banding wet.

    As you can see there are many types of protective styles but shrunken wash and gos don't fit any of the categories, the ends are not tucked away, you are letting hair shrink fully, and hair strands are free to rub against each other. Even twist, band and braid outs done on wet hair and released when hair is dry are better than wash and gos becuase it fits one of the protective requirements in that hair is not allowed to shrink fully. I have come to the conclusion from my extensive research that particularly with those with tight curls, that if you want hair length and optimum hair health nothing by wash and gos is not a good idea. Or as I like to say, if you want an lucious big afro you can't wear an afro out every day. Hope that helped. :pirat:
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    Oh and I would say the best protective styles are

    1. High buns where ends are under cover whether with fabric, tucked under or covered with a weave ponytail. High buns becuase the ends are rubbing against chairs and collars. It's even better if the bun is done on hair that is already dry having been stretched while drying with bands, rollers, braids or twists.



    2. Twists and braids done on wet hair with rollers on the ends to keep the ends completely straight and avoid even more shrinkage. When hair is completely dry do a twist updo. Like the following:




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    nice info kinkykeeper. I cant wait to bun.

    dxcwash:No wash-n-gos are not protective styles. However, at least for me, they are less stressful to my hair, if that makes since. Manipulation and stress are two different things in my opinion, and not necessarily hand and hand. For me, i wonder if twists/twist outs and braids are highly stressful to my hair, even though they are low maintainence. I noticed i had some breakage from my twist/twist out run a couple of months ago.

    Although wash-n-gos are more manipulation, it's not as stressful to my hair since I'm not pulling and tugging the heck out of my tight coil. Barely any breakage with wash-n-gos and shed hair is minimal.

    Bottom line, if your hair is thriving, keep it up! And when you need a change, there's options.
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    What kind of protective styling can someone like me who has a twa do? Any ideas?

    I do wash and go everyday and its not of a length that can be manipulated in any twist.
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    No it's not, but except for bunning it's the only style my hair likes. To compensate I go protective at night and I scrunch butter and/or castor oil on my wet ends over conditioner to keep them as hydrated as possible.
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    dras wrote: »
    What kind of protective styling can someone like me who has a twa do? Any ideas?

    I do wash and go everyday and its not of a length that can be manipulated in any twist.

    Braids, until your hair is long enough to twist. I've worn wigs and weaves, too.
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    shrinkage prevents my hair from rubbing against my clothes, plus my hair doesnt really get too tangled, so a wash n go is just as protective for them as anything else would be.
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    subbrock wrote: »
    shrinkage prevents my hair from rubbing against my clothes, plus my hair doesnt really get too tangled, so a wash n go is just as protective for them as anything else would be.

    Me too. My hair can't handle a lot of manipulation without breaking so twists/braids are out of the question. I don't like heat styling because I always forget that my hair IS heat styled and do something silly like jump in a pool :sad11:

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