organic root stimulator!

SevenTentaclesSevenTentacles Posts: 9Registered Users
has anybody tried the dry scalp relief oil?

i was going to stop by sally's to buy this Wild Growth Oil i've read rave reviews on, but my mom doesn't feel like taking me :-/. so i was thinking as seeing if this would be an alternative?
the wild growth oil instructs the user to use it on the scalp, but that it can be used as a light hair oil as well. does the same go for this ORS oil as well?

thanks for any responses!


  • curlicious3bcurlicious3b Posts: 458Registered Users
    I've been wanting to try the Wild Growth Oil too. ^^ Has anyone tried it?
  • asleep to audioasleep to audio Posts: 2,085Registered Users
    no, but i've tried the hair mayonnaise, and it's pretty good, so i assume that the wild growth oil will work well too.

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  • Dijah_xoxoDijah_xoxo Posts: 131Registered Users
    I've tried wild growth oil and I love it dearly...but i can't find it. Anyway, I really want to use the ORS products one day. I'm buying the lock and twist gel next time i go to target so I can twist my hair.
  • curlynikkicurlynikki Posts: 2,420Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    The ORS Olive Oil lotion is absolutely wonderful!! I cut it with a little fantasia gel and because of the coconut oil in the ORS, I get a firm but soft hold. Beautiful, soft, touchable curls, everytime!

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