Where do i start?

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I'm new here. I'm still experimenting with styles and products to bring out my waves and am having uneven results. I didn't realize my curl pattern until I had an extremely hectic weekend doing a major outdoor project. I was so tired at the end of the day that I just took a long bath and dunked my head under water for two days in a row and let it air dry without washing it. I thought it was a yucky thing to do but to my amazement I had the most amazing waves and curls and my hair didn't look dirty. As soon as I washed and conditioned my hair the next day it was back to the usual flat and lifeless waves. Is that sort of the concept behind Lorraine Massey's book? I basically just rinsed my hair without shampooing. I looked for it in my bookstore but it wasn't available. I would like to try this method and see if it works for me. Did some of you ease yourselves into this method or just do all of it at the same time? Do most of you wear your hair all one length or do you think subtle layering helps bring out your waves? I think Kim Basinger's hair is amazing. I would love to have thick waves like hers. Is her hair naturally wavy? It looks awesome.


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    Hi. I'm a modified CG (curly girl) and started by diluting my shampoo with water. My condish and gel were already cone-free so luckily I didn't have to go out any buy anything right away. It definitely took me awhile to get used to not using shampoo and I had to scrub several areas of my scalp with sugar nearly every day - but eventually I got the hang of it and my hair generally cooperates :) Good Luck! You'll love this site!

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