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So I am doing a blog project for an online journalism class at Ohio University. My blog focuses on how to transition to the no-poo method of hair care and I thought maybe you lovely ladies (and gentlemen!) could help!

If ANY of you would like to help me, please answer any or all of the below questions and send them to me at [email protected] AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PLEASE! (I would like to turn this blog entry in by Wednesday!!)
If there are any questions that you don't feel comfortable answering, you don't have to! Any input at all is much appreciated. Also.. if you're willing, sending me a picture of your current curly hair would be great! Also a picture from before you started the no-poo method would be very helpful as well.
Thanks a bunch in advance!

1. Your name (full name preferred, but like I said, just whatever you're comfortable with!)
2. Location
3. Please describe your hair.
4. Do you use the no-poo method (if no, skip to question 12)?
5. How long have you been using the no-poo method?
6. Why did you start using the no-poo method?
7. What was the hardest part about getting started with the no-poo method?
8. What do you do when people tell you this is a "gross" method of hair care?
9. What is the biggest difference you have seen in your hair since starting?
10. Are there any downsides to this style of hair care?
11. Where do you get your haircut? Will regular stylists work with your hair?
12. If you do no use the no-poo method of hair care, have you ever tried the no-poo method? Why did you stop?
13. What is your exact styling routine (products, how you use these products, drying techniques, etc)?
14. What do you think about curly vs. straight hair? Do you think the media favors straight hair? Why or why not?
15. Do you have any credentials with hair (ie are you or have you ever been a hair stylist or something similar)?
16. Do you think that there are any huge downfalls or hazards in approaching this method of hair care?
17. Please share any stories or additional information that you feel is relevant about your lovely curls!

(answers to these questions WILL NOT be published in a local newspaper, but will be posted on a blog.)
THANKS so much!

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