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Okay so today I'm getting a shipment in from Texas Naturals and I'll be mixing up some hopefully awesome stuff. But I have a concern. I bought whole leaf aloe vera gel from them and they said that it needs to be refrigerated and lasts 6 mos doing so. I was planning on making a pudding with it and I bought preservatives Tinosan SDC Natural Preservative and Potassium Sorbate because I don't like putting cold things in my hair because I wanted to leave them outside in cabinets. Do you think this will be enough to preserve, or do you think I need to play it safer and put it in the fridge even with the antibacterial preservatives? Also with the excess aloe vera gel that I don't use, can I freeze it to extend it's life even past 6 mos? Will that change it's properties? TIA
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Currently trying to formulate the perfect styling pudding. Once that happens all other things left over will be thrown out, given away. From then on I'm only buying to RESTOCK. :happy2:
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    Sounds interesting. I copied this off of the Texas Natural Website:

    "Tinosan SDC is considered inert until combined with a formulation giving it an indefinite shelf life. It is light sensitive and should be stored in a container that protects it from light. Final formulations sold in transparent packaging and exposed to bright light may exhibit reduced antibacterial effectiveness. Products preserved with Tinosan SDC should ideally be stored under cool, dry conditions and used within 1 year of manufacturing."

    If your bathroom gets really hot during the summer, that's not a good place for it. If you make a lot of pudding, I'd put a little in the bathroom and store the rest in my basement--which is cooler then the rest of the house.
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