Looking for a member: Maybe it'S you!

ParasolParasol Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 291

I was looking t a fotki album by a lady that is a member of this page. But I FORGOT HER NAME and I always delete my temporary internet files!!!
I was inspired and her styles were great!
I liked her twists she once had and made herself with fake hair.
GIrl ,if you feel that it'S you please post here , 'cause you inspired me.
She had above long curls. And I think someone comented her nice eyebrows in one of her pictures.

Please help if you can!
Thank you



  • vivasmomvivasmom Registered Users Posts: 312
    was it beauty witch? she has awesome twists.
    Barely wavy mommy to a fine, silky with thready corkscrew 4 1/2yr old girl. HG's Moisture Maniac, PM The Conditioner, Cactus leave-in (original formula)"Mommy I want to look like a lion!" = hair loose and flowin'.
  • ParasolParasol Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 291
    Unfortunately no. It'S not her ,but she does have nice styles though^^

    Maaaan why didn't I put her album to my faves?
    I remeber her wearing ,I think, a bluedress or something.

    It was NappyLove ,Girl your twists truly ROCK!

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