Deva Cut and Non-Deva Products?

hipchickhipchick Posts: 350Registered Users
Has anyone here gotten a Deva cut and used Mousse or just leave-in instead of Angell or Arcangell? If you do, does it still look good? I find the gels take too long to dry.


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    I have never gotten a devacut, but generally speaking you can pair any sort of products with any sort of haircut, depending on your preference of course. I don't usually go without gel, because I really need a lot of hold for my hair, but I haven't noticed it taking an awful lot of time. Do you like plopping or diffusing?

    I'd just say go for it. You'll never know until you try.
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    I get a Devacut and don't use Deva products to style, except for Set IT Free to rehydrate 2nd dayhair.
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    I get Deva cuts and don't use the products.