My Hair Used to be gorgeously curly and relatively Frizz Free - No More ;( Help!

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I used to have this lovely mass of curly hair which used to be on most days - frizz free except a few days.
I use to use shampoos and conditioners without being too finicky (L'oreal, Pantene mostly). Since 9 months or so, not only has it turned frizzy and unruly (everyday!) but the curls have disappeared and my hair is awfully wavy (the bad kind). I haven't changed my diet, so don't think it can be that. No lifestyle change. No climate change...staying in the same city. I have tried to cut my hair short with layers but nothing has worked. I have tried umpteen number of curly hair products from shampoos to conditioners to frizz free leave ons - to no avail ;( (John Freida, Kerastase, Loreal Curl products, etc).

Please help!!!! They were my only assets!


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    I dont know how possible this is but maybe the hardness of the water in your area has changed. hard water can lead to hair chaos. Maybe try getting a showerfilter if you dont have one already and if its feasble.
    thats about all i can think of unfortunately but I'm sure others will give you some ideas :)
    Henna and shea butter. Next to try are shampoos bars (still <3 baking soda)
    Fotki personal 'NO centre parting for the rest of the year' challenge



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