My super-duper hair day! KCCC & Honegar

So here's what I did to get clumpy, 3a/maybe b curls with root curl:
-water washed scalp
-poured about half of my honegar (honey and ACV) rinse over my hair.
-put rinse out on top- used LVPNG, Suave and TTTT mixed together
-combed tangles out
-let sit for about3 min
-used the rest of the honegar rinse and rinsed out
-turned off shower
-scrunced in lots of suave, maybe 4 quarters
-scrunched out the tiniest bit of water
-mixed [buylink=]kccc[/buylink] with giovanni gel, used about the same amount and tecnique as mysteryflavered
-overnight wet pineapple
-amazing curls! still a little frizz, but pretty good. the side that i put more [buylink=]kccc[/buylink] and gel on looks better. hope this helps someone!