My styling product's discontinued. Suggestions?

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Hey curlies, I'm sure there's a billion topics on styling products, and I hate to add to it, but I can't seem to find anyone who's used my product.

I've been using Bath and Body Work's Botanical Nutrients Styling Foam on my curls, and have gotten great results. It leaves my hair soft but defined and absolutely no crunch. Not to mention, I adored the fragrance. But they're discontinuing it to make room for new volumizing products, which I myself need no assistance in.

Anyone else ever use it before? Any suggestions? The only other product that came close to it that I've used is the Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Cream, which I'm not too fond of since it makes my hair feel kinda chemically and the product feels in general sticky and yucky. The Bath and Body Works staff suggested Ouidad. But there's so many kinds! I feel like every product says it leaves your hair soft, when in actuality, its all lies and crunchiness.

Please help. I shall mourn my Botanical Nutrients Foam with Flaxseed. Woe is me. heh


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    Bummer. But even though it says "body", I'd still give the new line a try. There may not be as much difference as you think. Good example Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam: most curlies like the Extra Body formula as opposed to the Moisturizing, because the copolymers used in it actually provide a stronger hold in curly hair, as opposed to body.
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    Try [buylink=]re:coil[/buylink]! Many 3B people use it with great results. I have tried it and it was alright, but better than most gels. Or use curls styling lotion or curl junkie coffeecoco creme which gives a lighter hold then gel and is still moisturizing
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