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My parents don't have wavy-curly hair so I can't go to them for advice. I just noticed that all of my friends have straight hair and heat induced waves/curls. Which doesn't help me. Poo :( My hair routine has changed so many times. None involved heat because I no want frizz :P

Most of the time, it was wavy on the bottom and curly/dread/nest/ratty underneath. I had big chunks of knots. My hair starts to wave when it reaches collarbone length or below.

What is ze type for my hair?

I'm sure this was airdry up in a bun.


good bedhead? lol


damaged my hair for fun. stupid me :D
the less i washed it, the smaller the waves got lol.

sometimes the ends only had little waves

Somehow the top got wavy too

Tried something different

Hair got so damaged from summer bleaching and flat iron use. Refused to cut my split ends after 2 bad haircuts in the past 2-3 months. I was scared haha When I was ready to trim it... it was already too late. I had around 3 inches of split ends. I cut off 4 inches or so.


So what do you think about my curl potential? I'm starting over with "virgin" hair which I haven't had in.. 7 years.. I adore wavy-curly hair. lol

One again, changed my routine. Less shampoo, more conditioner, air dry, bought a conditioner without -cones, little heat to none.

And uhm, my hair grew quite a bit before my one month of short hair:

Is there hope for my hair to have some cute waves at this length? :P


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    I definitely think your hair has some potential. Wavy hair does tend to get curlier as it gets longer but there are some ways to encourage curl. If you don't want to use heat to style, plopping, icequeen method of applying conditioner, and scrunch and pump are ways to encourage waves and curls. Also you can use low heat with the pixiecurl method of diffusing. Do a search for them at the google search bar at the top of the page.

    I see that you're using silicone-free conditioners. Is your shampoo sulfate-free. Sulfates can really dry your hair out and flatten out your waves. Do a search for the CG method if you haven't read about it yet. There's lots of great info in the newbie section of the boards.

    Welcome and good luck rediscovering your waves!!!:icon_smile:
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