Clumping Reccomendations?

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I'm not 4a, but my sister is 3C/4A and has just found out that the product she uses for clumping and giving some hold (Umberto Texturizer) to her twists has been discontinued. She needs something for twisting to hold her hair together in the twists, reduce frizz, but not give much crunch. Do any of you know of any products? She wants cheap stuff, she's a poor college student. =P Preferably nothing more than $10. Thanks so much for any suggestions, she really appreciates it!
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    Cantu Shea Butter Leave In conditioning cream
    Shea Butter
    FOTE Aloe Gel

    All less than $5. FOTE and Cantu are sold at Walmart and just about everywhere else.
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    for my twists i use

    shea butter
    liquid gel
    and coconut oil

    cantu leave in is good too.

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    I feel like I need to try this cantu leave in.
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    You really can't get much cheaper than conditioner and then scrunch in a bit of castor oil over conditioner on the ends. Try Hello Hydration or Abba Pure Nourishing for the conditioner. You can also use a butter in lieu of the castor oil; my favorite for this is Hairveda Almond Glaze. It's awfully greasy on my dry hair, but when I use it on my wet hair over conditoner it helps clump and dries non-greasy, go figure.

    I use a lot of conditioner, then the butter or oil, and then I do a cold water rinse. It leaves some product in hair but not much and hair is clumped nicely. Sometimes I'll gel over that, sometimes not.
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    yes definitely try hello hydration - it really clumps and pops my curls.
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    I have to ask, because i seen it so much. What is clumping and what does it do for you?
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    h2wQueen wrote: »
    I have to ask, because i seen it so much. What is clumping and what does it do for you?

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