texturizing hair???

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I've been looking for haircut ideas and I've come across some haircuts being described as having done texturizing with thinning shears, what is this exactly? Good idea or not?


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    Texturizing is thinning done with shears that have blades that look like combs, so they cut only part of the hair.

    IMO this is a bad idea in general, it works OK on very short (men or pixie) haircuts because the difference between the shorter and longer hairs isn't that much. But for most people, it makes it look like they have split ends and frizz more than anything else. I'm not sure why they call it 'texturizing'?

    Why do you want to thin your hair?

    If you do want less, it seems better to find a stylist who knows how to do the curl-by-curl thing.
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    I get this done every 2nd or 3rd cut. However, my stylist only does a minimal amount because she knows curly hair can become frizz crazy if this is done too much. My hair just touches the bottom of my neck, is 3a and is layered. So you can get it done but I suggest you tell the stylist just to do a little here and there but to not overdo it. HTH
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    It depends on a lot of factors (texture, thickness, curliness) but most curlies will tell you to steer clear of the thinning shears.

    For my hair, they're evil. They make me frizzy, poufy and because I only have medium-low density hair, they leave me with weird patches that are almost like holes.
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    My last cut, my stylist mentioned that he put some texture in my hair at the top. He didn't use thinning shears to do it however.... but I still think it was a bad idea because my frizz seemed to be worse after the cut than it was before. He never did that before I don't understand why he did, I didn't ask for it.
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    I can only speak from personal experience as I am no expert, but I've had many hairstyles throughout the years.

    When my hair was halfway down my back and not texturized (just long layers), my curls were definitely 3b and very smooth. The difficult part about this sort of cut is (at least for me) when it is shorter (just below shoulders) it is very easy to get the 'rooftop', 'mushroom', etc (where your hair is at an unsightly angle away from your face). This is especially true if you don't have a really good cut.

    When my hair has been short (as it is now), I've had it very heavily texturized. Generally speaking, I think my hair is a good candidate for it (I don't get tons of frizz), but it dramatically changes my look. My curls tend to become more wavelike (2a-2c), and the ends can tend to look far less smooth but much more wispy (since there are an endless number of lengths). In my current avatar, I haven't had any texturizing in about six months to give you an idea.

    I think it is really a matter of choice, but as someone who has been there and back, I'm going to stay away from texturizing from now on.
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