Hair spiders!

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They need to stay out of the Honey Locust tree when I'm sniffing the yummy blooms! :shaking: :pale:


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    EEK! :eek: We were sitting out at my in-laws' last weekend, and there were baby spiders flying everywhere. I tried not to think about how many landed and took up residence in my hair. I kept smacking at my hair, so I probably had a ton of mashed baby spiders in there. :laughing2: Protein, right? :p

    Are these a special breed of hair spiders?!
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    No, no not spiders but bees. I like three bees in my hair but not the buzzing/stinging kind.
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    Yep. They're a special breed of spiders. They're very small. Maybe they're competing with lice.
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    They sound just like the ones up at the in-laws. Super teeny black ones, flying all over the place! Just hatched, I guess.
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    Next for getting caught in my hair will probably be yellow jackets as usual, when I attempt to put in more wildflower seeds near their home, which is an in-ground plastic tube that holds phone, cable or something.
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    oh wow! i've never had that problem! what do they look like? are they a weird color, or do they just look like mini spiders?
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    They're just baby spiders. I was being goofy. :D
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    I once had a spider in my coffee mug at work and didn't realize until I took a sip. I took a sip as normal and it jumped ON MY FACE AND THEN ON MY HAIR. This was no baby spider either. It was least 3/4" across and very dark and ughhhhh. *shudder* Needless to say, I screamed like a girl and ran around like a crazy person. :)
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    Ugh one time I got a centipede on my neck--VERY CLOSE TO MY HAIR. ewwww I was just standing there, and then I felt this really weird sensation, so I reached back and of course made a scene to make sure it got off of me.

    I wonder if I've ever gotten a spider in my hair... :/ But I do like daddy long legs. They are so large they can't get in your hair, and they can't bite humans!
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    my friend found a tick in her hair once!
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    I doubt this counts, but two days ago, I found a leaf in my hair, and since it had been more than 24 hours since I co-washed, I have no idea who saw me with it, since I'd been all over town in the interim.
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    manya994 wrote: »
    my friend found a tick in her hair once!
    I found a tick ON MY ARM ONCE. They would get on my dog sometimes because she would go brushing up against various foliage during her walk. Maybe it got on me while I was petting her or something. It couldn't have been on there long since it was still very small when I discovered it. But still, gross gross gross. I made my dad remove it. Ugh.
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    EEEEK! I'm feeling itchy after reading this thread... :sad1:
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    Just last week a spider was ON MY FOOT. I was on the phone with my prof and I started screaming and smacking my foot. I hung up, and I saw the spider dead ON my foot. Ugh.
    I hate Springtime.
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