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Finally clearing out the drawers, so here's my first batch of stuff up for trades. I'd love to swap so that I can discover new products, but I'm also willing to sell. As for custom purchases... I love doing comparison shopping, so if you'd like I'll search around the city for the best price on a product you want. I live in Toronto, so if you're in the US (or other countries), the exchange rate might make it an even better deal for you. Email or private message me with any offers or requests icon_smile.gif

-Truly Beauty Infusing Shine Mousse, 175g, used 3 X
A nice mousse with good hold. I'm only offering it because I prefer creams and light gels to mousse

-Marc Anthony Forever Long Frizz Sealing Lotion 240 mL, more than 2/3 left
I really have too much hair for this product. I would definitely recommend it for anyone with fine to medium hair though

-Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Formula 245 mL, more than 2/3 left
Again, the only problem ith this product is that it's not thick enough for my hair. A good product for fine to medium curlies, with a great lemon scent that isn't too strong

-Theorie All Volume Shampoo 370mL never used
Great smell, and my wavy-haired sister loves it (she recently switched to straightening products though)

-Life Botanicals Extra Hold Spray Gel 250 mL 75% left
A good standard spray gel, amazing scent. I just don't really like using sprays...personal preference I guess

Zero Frizz Smoothing Styling Mousse 175g, 2/3 left
Similar to Truly (see above)... good mousse with nice hold and light scent, I just don't really enjoy mousse very much

KMS Flat Out Balm, used twice
Good product, just not heavy enough for my taste... takes a LOT to straighten my curls icon_wink.gif

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A 3b 2c combo a couple of inches above my elbows...think Amanda Marshall hair


  • TannTann Registered Users Posts: 88
    I have a tube of Abba Shaping Balm. I've only ued it twice. Do you want to swap it for something?
    3A all the way!
  • TannTann Registered Users Posts: 88
    Sorry Rapunzel, my sister beat you to it!
    3A all the way!

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