conditioner works!!! <sweet> + any haircut tips?

kittykat3kittykat3 Registered Users Posts: 65 Curl Connoisseur
i have this herbal escences ish stuff that i use in my hair and then just leave it in all day. its sooo sweet its almost like curl mousse except it doesnt shrivel up my hair in every way possible like actual curl mousse does, its cheap, it feels soft, and its waaay easy. yay!

also im trying to grow my hair but its frustrating and takes a long time. especially with all these split ends (from combing, trust me theyd be worse if i didnt). anyway i keep cutting my hair into some sort of presentable style but it always looks kinda... i dunno.. square. i want to know how i can cut my hair (prolly next time) so it looks better, you know, like in that TLC commercial with the bad cook woman (every good cook has to start somewhere) except its not that long. im worried if i go to a place to get it done theyl make it look like a ball. its a nice style but its not me. any suggestions?


  • curlicious3bcurlicious3b Registered Users Posts: 458
    You cut it or you go to get it cut by professionals?
  • kittykat3kittykat3 Registered Users Posts: 65 Curl Connoisseur
    i cut it myself. i dont trust proffessionals.

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