New Transitioner!!! I'd LOVE Some Tips

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Hi! I'm new around here.:hello2: I'm currently transitioning, and here is my routine for now(may change, still figuring things out):

*Co-wash every other night with Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner (also use as a leave-in afterward)

*Co-wash every other night with Samy Escencia Hydrating Conditioner (also use as a L-I afterward)
(so, yes, I co-wash almost nightly)
*I wash twice and the second time, I put my hair in a shower cap and do a "mini-DC". Usually I sit under the dryer for 10-20 mins. Lately I haven't, though... Yes I'm gonna start again. The second (last) time I rinse, I use cold water. I heard that's really good to do.

*After I apply my leave-in, I use T-Tree Scalp Oil on my scalp and massage it in (a short mini massage). I've ran out of that though, so I've been using Afica's Best Herbal Oil With Ginseng

*I detangle with my wide tooth comb usally soon as I massage in my leave-in before applying my scalp oil. I put my hair into a bun (while wet with conditioner in, so I'm techinally detangling at the same time! 2-for-1! lol!), wrap my hair up in my scarf to smooth my edges(I will be getting an actual satin scarf soon... but the scarf I use now works really well, even though I have no idea what kinda fabric it is), and I'm done!

Buns are my go-to transition style. Also, I've started taking a prenatal vitamin daily. No, I'm not pregnant. But I ran out of biotin once. An my mom seems to think I'm anemic. So she suggested I take it for extra vitamins, like iron. She also noticed how most pregnant women's hair grow really fast. And a friend of hers has started taking a prenatal vitamin, and her hair has grown really well (like wild fire she says). Idk if it was the vitamin or my sudden addiction to using mostly natural products or just the whole routine over all, but I'm finally starting to see the fruits of my labor! My hair is growing, and I'm starting to get much less breakage than when I first started transitioning.
So what do you think??? If you have any comments, suggestions, tips, or tricks, I'd love them! :love4:
CoMpLeTeLy NaPpTuRaL SiNcE 7/21/09:headbang:

:scratch:Still figuring things out...Help Wanted

Come to my planet(Not really about hair, but still worth a visit!)!

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